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Detective Comics #168 (February 1951) revealed that he had been a criminal known as the Red Hood . In the story, the Red Hood falls into a vat of chemicals while escaping from Batman. He emerges with white skin, green hair, and a bizarre red grin.

He was also thanked by Coulson, who handed over several serums to a literal-disarmed Curt Conners . After Connors received the serums, he asked Spider-Man if he'd stay with him during his testing. Peter wasn't able to, however, as he rushed his teammates back to their home. However, after noticing the very few amount of space he had at his home with his teammates, Spider-Man took Conner's back on his offer and returned to aid him. As Connors examined the serums with him, Spider-Man started to disagree with several of his suggestions towards it's use in the future. When Connors cited Goblin as an example of what it could do, Peter reminded him of how the villain tried to kill him and everyone else.

These are the known fourty-two "Fallen Spiders" already hunted down and slayed by an Inheritor , according to Karn, his family has hunted many spider-totems, including hundreds of Spiders. [5] For a complete list of casualties, either Spider-Totems or not, see this category .

The box jellyfish actively hunts its prey (small fish), rather than drifting as do true jellyfish . They are capable of achieving speeds of up to to 2 metres per second or about 4 knots ( km/h;  mph). [8]

Together with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot was one of the many heroes involved in the hunt for the Black Vortex , an ancient power-bestowing artifact. After being captured by Mister Knife , Groot and X-Men members Iceman and Cyclops came across the Black Vortex while escaping from the villain's mobile fortress. Groot submitted to the power of the Black Vortex and tapped into a cosmic level of powers. [13] When he rejected the powers imbued by the Black Vortex once it had been secured, Groot's appearance was slightly altered. Instead of being composed entirely by barky wood, his body became formed by vines topped by protective slabs of wood. [14]

In every generation they rise up to destroy us and the Holy One, Blessed is He saves us from their hands. — Passover Hagadah. My people have survived thousands of years and millions of stupid people like you who think we’ll be swept away. I’m not exactly worried about a stupid jihadi who thinks that telling stupid lies and making wild eyed threats means something.

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Despite the victory, however, Harry was later shown to have the symbiote still in his system, only showing itself at severe emotional times, such as after his father was turned into Goblin. He was brought onto the Helicarrier to be protected by . and attempted to save his father, believing he could talk the Goblin into sense, but Goblin shocked Harry, causing him to turn into Venom. Then they teamed up against Spider-Man on the Helicarrier and sunk it down. Spider-Man tried to snap Harry out of it, causing Harry to try and freeing himself of the symbiote, with help from Spider-Man while Harry grabbed an electrified wire which made the symbiote leave his body. The Goblin took the symbiote to find someone who was actually worthy of wearing it and left.

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