The whispers tonight - this time

When recording engineer Padgham was brought in to help develop Collins' demos that would become Face Value they recreated the "Intruder" sound using the reverse talkback microphone as well as heavily compressed and gated ambient mics. Padgham continued working with Genesis for Abacab later in 1981 and the same technique (generally referred to as gated reverb ) was used, and the powerful drum sound has become synonymous with later Genesis projects and Collins' solo career ever since.

I say “dis-analogy” because when you think about it, ASMR is nothing like an orgasm, and in fact is closer to the exact opposite of an orgasm on the spectrum of things that feel good. Orgasms are short intense bursts that are characterized by tension, desire, need, etc. ASMR often involves letting go, relaxing and just being at peace. I think ASMR is a more anticipatory sensation, where often times the anticipation is actually better than the thing anticipated. But the anticipation of sex, without actual sex is for most people extremely frustrating.

After weeks of mailing out this year’s holiday cards, postage might be the last thing you want to think about. But the . Postal Service has just given us a sneak peek at the many iconic people, places, and things that will be commemorated with their own stamps in 2018, and one in particular has us excited to send out a few birthday cards: Mister Rogers .

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“In that house is the first time I’ve actually heard voices speak to me,” Tiffany shared. “Please don’t think I’m crazy, y’all! But the ghosts really speak! And they kept calling my name. They wanted to, you know, ask me some questions and stuff. I’m not gonna reveal what we were talking about, but I did have a few conversations with the ghosts.”

These are the current waiting times that you can expect for your readings. I keep this up to date to keep you informed on how busy my schedule may be.

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I think tonight is a goof night to apologise to Jesus for our forgetfulness by maybe deciding to deliver to Him tomorrow, something that will bless His heart. Christmas is always a good time to re-gift ourselves to God. Don’t you think?

The Whispers Tonight - This TimeThe Whispers Tonight - This TimeThe Whispers Tonight - This TimeThe Whispers Tonight - This Time